About TechBlost


Welcome to TechBlost.com! Techblost is a new technology blog established in 2020, focused on my interest in Learning Programming, DevOps, Data Engineering, and Reference Architectures.

Who am I exactly?

I am Raghu, a self-taught software developer/architect with 14+ years of experience in driving product vision, technical road map, Software Development, and Relationship Management.

I am working as a Senior Cloud Architect for one of the leading Retail organization based out of USA. We are majorly focused on building tools, frameworks, platforms, and focusing on automation.

I lead a team in automating a large part of the development process across the organization which helps the developers to ease the build process from dev to prod. I have strong experience in designing cost-efficient, high-available, fault-tolerant, scalable, and distributed systems and container-based deployments using Kubernetes.

Before that, I worked for a leading product based company in the healthcare domain where I contributed to the design of a product that provides end to end analytical solutions in the cloud. I hold good experience in designing scalable data pipelines (using spark/Python) on cloud GCP and AWS.

raghunathan experience

In my 14 years of experience, if I look back, everything has changed so fast in a blink of an eye, in terms of technologies and processes. The biggest decision I have made in experience is to change the software platform every time based on the current trend. 

I had started my career with C/C++  development, then Microsoft technologies, after that I switched to Code Deploy and Automation using Hudson (Now called as “DevOps”), then Cloud and Big Data, and now working with Kubernetes and Machine Learning.

What am I going to write about?

I am interested in writing about DevOps, Data Engineering, MLOps, Machine learning, and its significance in an organization. It’s obvious my interest revolves around DevOps and how they are applied to deliver products/features in the most optimal way, so there is a bound to be a heavy focus on that.

A lot of organizations are choosing to unify Development and Operations in their organizations to harness the benefits described by the DevOps movement. I am likely to comment on them more frequently. 

My aim with this blog is to help freshers, intermediate and experienced people to enable themselves in the cutting edge technologies. I will make a conscious effort to deliver my thoughts on my success and failure stories experienced during my career. 

Final Thoughts

The opinions expressed on this website are my own thoughts, strictly not those of my current or former employers. 

All the best!