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TechBlost is established in 2020, helps techies to gain knowledge about all the latest cutting edge technologies. My goal is to offer easy-to-understand articles, case studies, tutorials, and best practices to help people learn about technology.


Welcome to TechBlost.com! Techblost is established in 2020 that focuses on Learning System Design, Programming, SaaS, DevOps, Data Engineering, and Reference Architectures.

Techblost is a shortened form of Technical blog post representing my desire to share my experience and knowledge with people eager to learn.

Who am I exactly?

My name is Raghunathan, a self-taught Software Developer and Solution Architect with over 16+ years of experience in driving solution and development in E-commerce, Health Care, and Banking domains.

My significant technical competencies include Solution Design, Driving Technical Roadmap, SaaS Product Development, Cloud Solutions Engineering, DevOps, Cloud Transformations, Application Modernisation solutions, and GreenField development.

I have led many projects from the proof of value stage to full maturity, where insights are used to automate business decisions at the enterprise level, and established global architecture functions, including solution and enterprise architecture (Application, Integration, Infrastructure, and Data).

Over the course of my career, I have been a part of many projects in solution, design and execution. Also i have strong experience in designing and building cost-efficient, high-available, fault-tolerant, scalable, and distributed systems. 

Looking back at my career, everything has changed so fast in a blink of an eye, in terms of technologies and processes. I had witnessed the rapid evolution of technology and processes throughout my journey and the biggest decision I have made is to switch to various tools and technologies based on the current trend. I have started my career started with C/C++ development, then switched to Microsoft technologies, after that, I switched to Code Deploy and Automation using Hudson (Now called as “DevOps”), then Cloud and Kubernetes, then Big Data, then SaaS product development and Machine Learning, and so on.

What am I going to write about?

I am interested in writing about System Design, SaaS Development, DevOps, Data Engineering, MLOps, Machine learning, and their significance in an organization. It’s obvious my interest revolves around CNCF projects and how they are applied to deliver products/features in the most optimal way, so there is a bound to be a heavy focus on that, and I am likely to comment on them more frequently. My aim with my blog posts is to help freshers, intermediate and experienced people to enable themselves in the cutting-edge technologies. I will make a conscious effort to deliver my thoughts on my success and failure stories experienced during my career.

Final Thoughts

The opinions expressed on this website are my own thoughts, strictly not those of my current or former employers. 

Thank you for joining us at TechBlost.com. All the best!

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