How to Setup SonarQube locally on Mac

How to Setup SonarQube locally on Mac
How to Setup SonarQube locally on Mac

SonarQube is an open platform for managing continuous inspection of the code quality, which can locate potential errors in the codebase. It currently supports more than 20+ programming languages including support on  C#, JavaScript, C/C++, TypeScript, Go, Python, etc., and other languages. In this article, we will see How to Setup SonarQube locally on Mac OS with HomeBrew

Installation steps

The installation of SonarQube is divided into these steps:

  1. Install java environment
  2. Installation of SonarQube/Sonar-Scanner
  3. Set SonarQube environment Variable
  4. Start SonarQube
  5. Log in to SonarQube Dasboard
  6. Create a new project in SonarQube Dashboard
  7. Add sonar-project. properties
  8. Run Analysis
  9. View SonarQube scan results

Install Java Environment 

Follow this article’s first section to install and configure java in MacOs.

Installation of SonarQube/Sonar-Scanner

brew install sonar
brew install sonar-scanner

Set SonarQube environment Variable

Enter vim ~/.bash_profile in the terminal to configure the sonar path. {version } can be replaced with the installed current version.

export SONAR_HOME=/usr/local/Cellar/sonar-scanner/{version}/libexec 

Start SonarQube

brew services start sonarqube

Log in to SonarQube Dasboard

Enter http://localhost:9000 in the browser to enter the following page. 

Log in to SonarQube and enter the account and password admin/admin

Create new project in SonarQube Dashboard

  1. Create a new project.

    Click -> Create a new project button.

    SonarQube Create Project Key

  2. Project key and a Display name

    Provide -> Project key and a Display name and click the Set Up button.

  3. Generate Token

    Under Provide a token, select Generate a token. Give your token a name, click the Generate button, and click Continue.

  4. Download Sonar Scanner Commands.

    Select your project’s main language under Run analysis on your project, and Operating System.
    Download Sonar Scanner commands to execute a Scanner on your code.

Add sonar-project Properties

Add a sonar-project. properties file in your project directory

# unique project identifier (required)
# project metadata (used to be required, optional since SonarQube 6.1)
# path to source directories (required)
# path to test source directories (optional)

Run Analysis

Switch to the project path and execute sonar-scanner

sonar-scanner \
 -Dsonar.projectKey=SalesProject \
 -Dsonar.sources=. \ http://localhost:9000 \

View SonarQube scan results

Log in to SonarQube to view scan results

SonarQube Scan Results
SonarQube Scan Results

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